Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling Roswell, GA

Good nutrition is an essential component to getting healthy and staying healthy. At Journey Family Chiropractic we take great care of our patients by supporting their health goals. Since nutrition is a big part of this we develop nutrition plans to get you to the goal weight and or size that you desire. If your goal is not weight loss but you just need a tune up so your body can function optimally we will guide you in the right direction.

We are suppliers of Plexus Products, Touchstone Essentials, and Standard Process products. Each product offers a range of different options for your nutrition needs.


Plexus Products offer various items including weight loss products and whole food nutrition. One of my favorite products with plexus is their Hunger Control product it helps you stay full longer and helps prevent the overeating that many of us have trouble with. The best part is it doesn’t taste awful like many products would normally taste.

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Touchstone essentials products range from everyday detox drinks to cbd oils. This company also uses organic whole food ingredients to help individuals achieve optimal health. Many of my patients ask me what I put in my green smoothie everyday besides my normal veggies and fruit I also put a scoop of the daily detox. It has not only loads of vitamins and minerals but is also has energy boosting compounds, probiotics, prebiotics, and detoxifiers that remove heavy metals and toxins at a cellular level.

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Standard Process is an organic whole food supplement company that gives support to your body through whole food supplements. Whole food supplements allow your body to absorb nutrients more efficiently compared to over the counter supplements. If you would like to learn more about what Standard Process products will best fit your needs give us a call.