Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care in Roswell, GA

Chiropractic utilizes the body to heal itself. This is done by performing a gentle chiropractic procedure known as an adjustment. These adjustments correct misalignments that happen during everyday activities. We call these misalignments, subluxations. A subluxation may be the cause of pain, decrease range of motion, and/or dysfunction in the systems it innervates.

A chiropractic adjustment realigns the spine and corrects the subluxation decreasing your pain, increasing your range of motion and giving a pathway to optimal health.

Conditions We Treat

Neck pain
Back pain
Shoulder pain
Foot pain
TMJ (jaw issues)
‚ÄčAuto Accidents

Ear Infections
Sinus Issues
Knee pain
Digestive Issues
Disc herniations
Pregnancy Issues

Chiropractic services

Pregnancy Care

Pediatric Care

Auto Accident Injury Care