Accidents happen, the frustration is after an accident what should you do. After an accident you should always call 911. The police along with an ambulance will come to access any immediate injuries and write a police report. I always suggest to my patients if you are not going to go to the ER with the ambulance have someone pick you up to take you to the ER or urgent care. There they can take X-rays and examine you for any broken bones, internal bleeding, etc. Many times they will give you pain relievers and or muscle relaxers. The unfortunate part is this does not fix your injury. Pain relievers turn off the receptors that tells your brain you have pain so in turn it just masks the pain. Just like you wouldn’t expect a computer virus to go away by simply turning off your computer the same things holds true for your body.

Many times people think they are fine on the day of the accident so they decide not to seek care. It can take your body 72 hours to 1 week to feel the effects of an auto accident. So do not wait seek care right away.

Waiting to seek care could possibly lead to further injury and a longer recovery time. Even permanent damage to your spine and body. Thus, seek care right away.

That is where I come in. At Journey Family Chiropractic you are never charged anything up front. We want you to focus on recovering from your injuries. We utilize chiropractic care, massage, and physiotherapy to get you back to your pre-accident status or better.


What if the accident is my fault, will the insurance company pay for my care?

If you have medical payments (med pay) on your auto insurance plan this can pay for your care. Medical payments range from 1,000-5,000 in most plans.

My car didn’t have much damage, should I still get checked out?

Our cars are built to withstand accidents, but we are not. Just because your vehicle doesn’t look too damaged, that doesn’t mean your body is fine as well. An unchecked subluxation after an accident can cause long term consequences that can easily be prevented.

What are some common complaints after an accident?

​Neck pain
Back pain
Jaw Pain
Difficulty Sleeping
Difficulty Driving
Shoulder pain
​Knee pain
​Leg/Foot pain

Accidents are going to happen. After an accident it is best to seek care as soon as possible. Going without treatment can have detrimental effects on your health and lifestyle.

Dr Keisha Bates