Losing weight is definitely no easy task but it can be done with the right guidance. What I have found in my practice one of the major reasons why many patients fail at accomplishing their goal is they have a hard time turning down sugar. This is why there are so many people every year who flock to the gym after the holidays because they over indulged in sugar during the holiday season. 

Sugar not only increases weight it also continues a terrible cycle of weight gain. 


With the increase in cravings (usually for sugar) the cycle never stops. Thus the first step to starting a successful weight loss journey is you must detox your body of the foods that are keeping you from being the you, you love. This doesn’t mean you will never have your mom’s apple pie. It just takes this sugar craving from ruling your life. Check out the book below. It breaks down how you can successfully detox from sugar. Once this detox is complete, your body can absorb the necessary nutrients it needs. Act Now!

Dr Keisha Bates