We’ve all had it that annoying persistent cough that has decided your body will be its permanent residence. It attacks you at meetings, it attacks you when you’re sleeping, it even attacks you mid conversation. Here are my 3 Proven home remedies to help you beat that cough that refuses to go away. 

  • 1.) Garlic cloves

Buy fresh organic garlic bulbs (unpeeled). Peel one garlic clove and cut a small sliver about 1/4 inch thick and a 1/2 inch long.  If you are really brave chew up the slice and swallow it with water. If you are slightly brave add it to a spoonful of honey and swallow it, that way you don’t have the spicy sensation of garlic. If you want to skip the smelliness crush it and add it to a capsule and swallow it with a glass of water.  Do this every 4 hours or so for several days until the cough has been evicted. For future less tortuous days of coughing do this remedy as soon as you notice a cough or a cold, it will cut your sick days in half.

**Please note garlic is very potent. You may smell like garlic for a while. But its your call get rid of the cough and smell like you were trying to keep vampires away or keep coughing and have everyone stare at you all day long asking you are you okay.

  • 2.) Raw honey and lemon

A spoonful of raw local honey with a squeeze of lemon works great especially during the spring and fall seasons. I however find that since this is attributed to those with spring/fall allergies it does not work as well in the other months. The reason raw, local honey is best compared to your grocery store honey is each area has specific allergens. Thus the local honey is tailored to those specific plants/flowers/and trees. 

  • 3.) Garlic, Honey, Ginger, Lemon tea

This tea is is one of my favorites for coughs and colds. Your body will thank you for this one. Take fresh (1/2 cup) garlic cloves, peeled, cut ginger (1 cup) , and cut  a whole lemon in half, put it in your tea pot. I have a tea pot with an infuser already attached. It makes a huge difference with the strength of your tea. Boil and let tea seep in the goodness of the garlic, ginger, and lemon for at least 5 minutes. This gives it an opportunity to cool a little as well. Then add honey to taste. 

Dr Keisha Bates