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Car Accident Chiropractor Roswell, GA

Getting into an accident or falling at work is a traumatic experience both physically and most certainly emotionally. Getting care after an auto accident can be overwhelming. Deciding where to go, how much will it cost, what should I expect are questions that we all have. At Journey Family Chiropractic we guide you so you don’t have to tackle the process alone. Here are answers to common questions you may have.
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When should I get care?

I always suggest patients seek care immediately following an accident or fall. If you decide not to go to the Emergency room via ambulance it is a good idea to have a loved one take you immediately after the accident. This visit allows the physicians to rule out any broken bones, internal bleeding, or any other life threatening injuries. Injuries do not stop there however, you may still experience many pain symptoms from the car accident. The pain medication and muscle relaxers do not address the cause of the problem they just keep your brain from knowing you are in pain by masking the symptoms. You wouldn’t turn off your computer because it has a virus and expect the virus to go away would you? The same goes for our bodies. You must address the alert your body gives you so you prevent further damage.

Pain is sometimes delayed as much as 7 days after an accident. So it is crucial to get care as soon as possible so you do not cause further damage to your spine and body.

Would I need to pay anything upfront?

No, Dr. Bates does not charge anything up front for care. She also works with attorneys that will also not charge anything up front.

What if the accident was my fault, what should I do?

Accidents happen, if the police report deems the accident your fault you can still get care for your injuries through your own insurance. Many people have medical payment coverage on their auto insurance. This medical payments coverage takes care of you and any passengers after an auto accident. Call your insurance agent to find out if you have this coverage.

What are some common symptoms?

Neck pain
Back pain
Jaw Pain
Difficulty Sleeping
Difficulty Driving
Shoulder pain
‚ÄčLeg/Foot pain
‚ÄčRadiating pain
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At Journey Family Chiropractic we understand that after being in an accident it can be overwhelming. We walk you through the steps of the accident process as well as get you back to your pre-accident state or better. If you decide to get a lawyer, the personal injury attorneys that we work with will make sure you get your medical bills paid plus extra for your pain and suffering; with no fees upfront. We want you to focus on recovering from your injuries. We utilize not only chiropractic care but also physiotherapy and massage to get you better faster.